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Booking the artists from our label casting you will be sure to have a good music selection and professional behavior of the artists during the gig with total support of our team to help you to promote your event.

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Make your tracks sounding professionally with our post production services of mixing and mastering. Using modern audio processing tools we will give for your music what is necessary to get more exposure with the labels and other artists.

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Custom Designing

We create your artistic visual identity with custom designing of release covers, stickers for CDs, banners, websites, newsletters and social networks management.

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Hardmix – The Wine Bottle Is Empty

Hardmix - The Wine Bottle Is Empty

As always, when Hardmix is enjoying some good wine, new tracks are created. With “The Wine Bottle Is Empty” it is not different. Hardmix started the job influenced by the pleasant mood of a wine session and the final result is a track with filtered disco elements, looping vocals and strong beats. When he has finished, he looked to the wine bottle, saw it was empty and named the track.

Additional mixes by Antonio Caballero, Bell Mesk and Cultural Blending.

Antonio Caballero remix featured as Jackin Essentials on Traxsource.

Buy this release on Stompy and Traxsource

More about the artists: Hardmix, Antonio Caballero, Bell Mesk and Cultural Blending.


Posted in Jan 14, 2013.

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